Your Reliable Partner in Greece since 1981.

KAZCO Ltd.   is a private company owned by Mr. Emmanuel J. Kazamias. Established in 1981, the main business of the company is to represent internationally respected and recognized companies, on an exclusive basis, for the territory of Greece.


We focus on high technology electronic systems and, from that early times, having foreseen the tremendous expansion of computer networks and communication methods, we decided to invest in the highly specialized area of Communication Security, establishing a long and successful exclusive relationship with the best company in this field: OMNISEC AG of Zurich, Switzerland.

Over the years, KAZCO Ltd became the leading supplier of highly advanced encryption systems in this market. We have the biggest and most important customer list in Greece, both in the Government and Private sectors of the market.

Our reputation and well established relations with our customers helped us to enter new business areas, within the high technology sector, and to extent our exclusive relations with a number of important companies, as their agents in Greece.


Please do visit our "Products & Partners" page for more information on some of our internationally recognized partners and their highly advanced, specialized and proven products.